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Anna came to me when I had just about given up on breastfeeding.

She was so helpful and answered all my questions about listening to my baby’s cues, how often to feed, comforting my baby and appropriate techniques for breastfeeding. She also had many great tips on how to treat painful nipples and increase milk supply.

I cannot thank her enough for helping me to be able to breastfeed my son. Not only does he get all the great benefits of breastfeeding but we also get that special time to bond with each other. I cannot say enough about her services and what she did to help turn frustration into a wonderful time that I can now enjoy. 


Anna was very sympathetic, and offered plenty of encouragement and advice by email, before coming to my home to observe a a feeding.

Anna’s continual encouragement and empowerment made the biggest difference.  She would check in on me and offer advice and always have a kind word.  She helped me through the healing process by telling me how to take care of my nipples, and how to pick the right flange size for pumping.  But beyond that, and perhaps the most important thing she offered, she wanted me to know that I could get through it, that I would heal, and that I would be able to have a great nursing experience with Emery.  She was very encouraging.  I am so grateful to her for her knowledge and support!

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